Our Vision

  • quick & efficiency

    Quick ordering through Coffee!ne App allows you to skip the queue and have your coffee ready anytime and anywhere.

  • automated ordering

    Your wish is a Coffee!ne command - so your coffee can be hot and ready according to your schedule.

  • payments

    Simple payments via all major credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay or simply top up your account in-store

  • apple watch

    Apple watch integration ensures you are notified as soon as your order is ready to collect.

  • offers

    Receive special offers near you as well as discounts and news from your favorite coffee shops while saving money when ordering through Coffee!ne.

  • intelligent

    Coffee!ne lets you order coffee for your nearest and dearest as well- so everybody can save money

  • Be Rewarded

    Save money on every coffee you order through our leading customer loyalty program - never loose another half stamped loyalty card again.

  • Social Responsible

    Donate your bonus coffee to society and pay it forward to someone who needs a pick me up.



Georg Ph E Heise

Founder and CEO

Melbourne based IT student and Coffee Junky travelling the world for game changeing ideas.

Thomas Kosiewski

Co-Founder & CTO

Bachelor Student at TU Darmstadt

Malte Wulfetange

Business Strategy Advisor

Longtime investment banker and experienced angle investor

Bhasker Rao

Business Strategy & Marketing Advisor

Founder of Rao Companies, Startup Consultant and FX trader.

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